How to Change HDMI Output to Input on A Laptop?

An HDMI output port is used to transmit high quality audio/video signals from a source to a receiver. The HDMI port on a laptop serves an output function i.e. it can project content from the laptop to another external device. But can you turn its functionality the other way around? Well, some people out here … Read more

How to Make Laptop Screen Brighter than Maximum?

An underwhelming screen brightness even at maximum settings creates a terribly disappointing viewing experience for the user. Generally, laptops come with automated screen brightness settings that adjust according to the surrounding ambiance. But you know how it doesn’t always help, right? For the times when you want your screen brightness higher than maximum, you can rely … Read more

How to Disable Laptop Speakers But Not Headphones?

Important system alerts, audio notifications, and media sounds all are received by the user through laptop speakers. However, sometimes you just want them to stay quiet and have all those functions served via headphones only.  For the times when you don’t want to utilise the built-in speakers of your laptop, you can simply disable them … Read more

Why Is My MacBook Air Making a Fan Noise? 

Many Mac users report that their MacBook Air models are making a high-pitched noise. Let’s check out what’s going on?  Any number of reasons could cause the fan noise, and here we’ll go into some of them: There might be dust clogging the fans inside your MacBook Air, which would cause it to make a … Read more

Can You Use AirPods On Planes?

Yes, you can use AirPods on planes. The Federal Aviation Association (FAA) has cleared Apple’s wireless headphones on aircraft, with some stipulations. The FAA is one of two organizations that certify airlines and their equipment for safety. As approved by the federal government, AirPods are permitted to be used on all domestic flights in both … Read more

How to Record Zoom Meeting on Laptop?

Online learning and working from home is the new normal, all credits (or discredit, maybe?) to the pandemic. While there are quite a few successful mediums for working and learning online, many people prefer Zoom over anything else.  The best part about these Zoom meetings is that you never miss a thing if you have … Read more

How to Disable Fn Key in Lenovo Ideapad?

Most laptop keyboards come with the Fn key and this is particularly because they’re designed to have a smaller footprint. To extend the functionality of the keyboard apart from the built-in operations, a function key is introduced.  However, this Fn key can often mess around with an average user by interfering with the F1 to … Read more

10 Best Laptops with Numeric Keypad 2022

Laptops without a numeric keypad are an absolute no-go if your work is related to performing mathematical functions or data entry tasks in daily life. While numeric keypads are easily found on traditional keyboards, it is quite difficult to have them on a laptop keyboard.  But since it is a highly anticipated feature, you will … Read more